Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences and MIREA - Russian Technological University


N. T. Kuznetsov, Academician (IGIC RAS) - Chair
K. Yu. Zhizhin, corresponding member (IGIC RAS) - Vice-Chair
T. M. Buslaeva, D.Sc. (RTU MIREA) - Vice-Chair
L. A. Nosikova, Ph.D. (RTU MIREA) - Scientific Secretary
A. M. Andreev, Ph.D. (EZOCM JSC)
V. I. Bogdanov, Ph.D. (EZOCM JSC)
G. S. Burkhanov, corresponding member (IMET RAS)
V. I. Bukhtiyarov, Academician (IC SB RAS)
V. V. Vasekin, Ph.D. (OAO NPK Supermetall)
A. A. Voshkin, D.Sc. (IGIC RAS)
S. V. Gerasimov (Ministry of Finance of Russia)
Yu. G. Gorbunova, corresponding member (IGIC RAS)
I. L. Eremenko, Academician (IGIC RAS)
Yu. A. Zolotov, Academician (IGIC RAS)
V. K. Ivanov, corresponding member (IGIC RAS)
M. I. Kalashnikova, D.Sc. (Gipronickel Institute)
Yu. A. Karpov, Academician (IGIC RAS)
V. P. Kolotov, corresponding member (GEOKHI RAS)
S. V. Korenev, D.Sc. (IIC SB RAS)
S. A. Kudzh, D.Sc. (RTU MIREA)
V. Yu. Kukushkin, corresponding member (SPbSU)
I. I. Moiseev, Academician (IGIC RAS)
A. A. Pshenichnikov (Ministry of Finance of Russia),
R. V. Samunenkov (Gokhran of Russia)
A. S. Sigov, Academician (RTU MIREA)
A. A. Sidorov, D.Sc. (IGIC RAS)
A. I. Skripkin (Krastsvetmet)
S. I. Stegalin (MESOL)
V. P. Fedin, corresponding member (IIC SB RAS)
A. I. Kholkin, Academician (IGIC RAS)
A. Yu. Tsivadze, Academician (IPCE RAS)


N.T. Kuznetsov, Academician (IGIC RAS) - Chair
K.Yu. Zhizhin, corresponding member (IGIC RAS) - Vice-Chair
L.A. Nosikova, Ph.D. (RTU MIREA) - Scientific Secretary
V.P. Fedin, t corresponding member - Section 1 Chair
Yu.A. Karpov, academician - Section 2 Chair
T.M. Buslaeva, D.Sc. - Section 3 Chair
V.V. Vasekin, Ph.D. - Section 4 Chair


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